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The Justice & Integrity Project is Americas watchdog for all US homeowners. Our mission is to assist homeowners who have mortgage complaints or who have been cheated when they financed or refinanced their home. If you have a complaint, or a problem with a home mortgage lender, broker or bank, or if you feel like you have been ripped off by  mortgage brokers, lenders or banks, Contact Us now at our National Mortgage Complaint Center.


Americas Watchdog "Recommends the James B Nutter & Company as the absolute best lender in the United States for individuals or families wishing to get a FHA or VA Mortgage.

James B. Nutter & Co.
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Metropolitan Kansas City: 816-531-2345
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Conventional loans nationwide: 1-800-217-7334

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FHA loans nationwide: 1-800-875-7334
Home Office FHA and Conventional loans
Kansas City Metropolitan area: 816-531-2345


Americas Watchdog "Recommends American Interbanc as the most fairly priced mortgage banker for individuals with good credit wishing to get a conventional mortgage.

American Interbanc

Mortgage, LLC
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Toll Free: 800-724-0004
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